Penny Skateboard Trucks

Whether you are bombing hills or cruising through town, the right trucks are essential. They not only play a part in determining your turning capabilities and stability on your board, but also enhance the overall look of your board.

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Penny’s skateboard trucks are designed to perfectly match both the Penny 22” and Penny 27” Nickel decks – technically and in terms of style! With an extensive range of colours and designs on offer, it’s possible to customise your board to suit your personality and style.

Our 4” trucks are manufactured using high quality aluminium, pressed kingpins and 87A cushions. Light, strong and built for fun, they handle exceptionally well. Designed specifically for the Penny 27” Nickel, they come in a broad range of colours and patterns – including a vacation-ready tropical print and a retro wood grain finish.

Similarly, our 3” trucks are designed for the original 22” Penny board. Built from quality aluminium and pressed kingpins, and they come fitted with 87A cushions as standard. Built to handle, these trucks are also very lightweight and flexible for increased manoeuvrability – ready for anything!

Looking to update the look of your board? For a fresh, new look without having to change your entire setup, Penny skateboard trucks are ideal. With affordable prices, it easier than ever before to change your style; clean and simple one day, outlandish patterns the next.

Penny trucks – for boards that are as unique as you are.