Penny Classics Skateboards

Penny Classics are the original Penny skateboards, as you remember them. Now revamped to boast the coolest colour combinations, with more choice than ever before. Bonus, all new classics come with colour matched cushions and bearings, so your new board is the perfect style from nose to tail. The Classics range embodies what Penny is all about, it’s simple - getting out there and having a blast with your friends, wherever you are.

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Roll Classic on the original Penny

Adventure starts here

Featuring sleek skateboards designed with fun in mind, the Penny Classics range is exactly that… classic. They’re the Penny skateboards that started the movement. Bright colors and quality components create a ride that is as unique as it is fun. The classic Penny mini cruiser is the ultimate skateboard for girls and guys who like the laidback lifestyle.

Easily updated with our great range of Penny hardware, these boards get their flair from the colours of your powder-coated trucks, wheels, bolts and griptape combined with your classic deck colour. Made with the quality Penny components our boards are known for, including our waffled deck, 59mm 83A wheels, Albec7 bearings and 3” aluminium powder-coated trucks.

At the heart of every Penny product is attention to detail and a focus on quality.  Don't be fooled by cheap, knock-off Penny's.  If your board doesn't say Penny on it, it isn't the real thing.  Demand quality and roll on the original.  Every Penny board is backed with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects, so you know you're getting a board you can believe in.  That is why the genuine Penny is the most sought after plastic skateboard in the world.

Browse through Penny’s extensive collection, and if you can’t find a color combination that's right for you, just head on over to the Penny Skateboards Penny Skateboard 3D Customizer to create something unique.  There are thousands of combinations to choose from so get creative! Also be sure to check out our latest range of Metallic Fades, Graphics and Limited Editions to find the board that is perfect for you. Browse through Penny’s extensive collection, and if you can’t find a style that’s bright enough for your personality, just head on over to the Penny Skateboard 3D Customizer to create something unique. With a 22” / 27" Penny skateboard you can skate wherever and whenever you feel like it!