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penny metallic fade

The perfect size for all.

Chase sunshine and good times.

22" Penny Boards
The original 22" Penny Skateboard is quick and nimble, making it perfect for getting from place to place. The smaller 22" deck is a great size for skaters looking for easy transportation, and fits perfectly into Penny Pouch Backpacks. It's also suitable for younger Penny riders, who are just learning to push plastic.

27" Penny Boards (known as Nickels)
For those who prefer a little more plastic under their feet, the 27" Penny board is slightly larger, but still super easy to control. Whether you're an experienced skater looking for a fun and easy ride or you're new to the skateboarding game, the 27" it is the ultimate all round skateboard. Commonly referred to as the "Nickel," the 27" boasts the same great features as the 22", only slightly larger.

36" Longboards
The 36" longboard is the newest edition to the Penny Skateboards family. Whether you want to surf the sidewalks or coast along beachside boardwalks, the longboard's larger wheels and reverse kingpin trucks make for an easy ride. We reformulated our secret plastic formula for added strength and flexibility, allowing ultimate control over the longer and wider deck.