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New Penny Skateboards

All our latest 22” Penny and 27” Nickel skateboards are available right here! Choose from our newest Classics, Graphics, Metallics, or Limited Edition Penny skateboards. Find the newest board with your favorite color or the raddest graphic and get cruising on your Penny Skateboard today!

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New Penny Skateboards

The perfect size for all.

Chase sunshine and good times.

Penny Skateboards is constantly releasing new innovative products for those of all ages to enjoy. Here you’ll get the first opportunity to check out redesigned Classics, brand new Graphics, the Glow Series, and the all new Metallic Fades. This is just the beginning though, all year we’ll be introducing new products, new designs, new collaborations, and much more.

Beginning skateboarders who want to enjoy the pure fun and excitement of skating with no pressure, can jump on a Penny or Nickel and within no time, pick up the basics of riding. And those that have been skating for years can start shredding hills, or even learn a few tricks with it.

All our Penny boards are designed with the highest quality Penny components to offer peak durability and performance that simply isn’t replicated with other plastic skateboards. We’re so confident that you won’t run into any defects that all our skateboards are covered by a Lifetime warranty.

One of the coolest features of browsing here at is our 3D customizer! If you see something you like, but want to put your own personal twist on the colors of your set up, head on over where you can customize everything from the deck, wheels, trucks, bolts, and we’ll even include a panel sticker and griptape! Join in on the fun! Grab a Penny, some friends, and get skating! Don’t forget to let us know about your #pennyadventures