Penny 22

Penny 22" Decks

Want a deck that carves like a dream? Try Penny’s 22” deck.

Our range of bangin’ 22" skateboard decks are designed to match your personal taste and riding preference. Love carving up a storm? Prefer to cruise the streets? Get a thrill out of bombing hills? Whatever fuels your four-wheeled passion, Penny has a skate deck to suit.

The colour range is out of this world. Aside from solid tones such as classic black, yellow, blue, green, red, purple, pink orange and white, Penny also stocks decks with fresh marbled prints.

The original deck that the brand is built upon, the Penny 22” is made from that secret plastic formula – this baby is made to last. This high quality material ensures a smoother ride, as the plastic is shock absorbing and provides that much needed touch of flexion when under the pump. These boards are 6 inches wide.

Cut short, sharp turns and cruise the streets in style. Penny Original boards are designed to go wherever you go – strap them to your backpack, adventure beckons!

Affordably priced, it’s now possible to have more than one skateboard deck – change it up and keep it fresh! Browse the collection of Penny Original 22” and Nickel 27” decks below, and place your order online today.

Looking for something with a little more stability? The Nickel 27” deck is your best bet.