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Head For The Hills: A guide to carving hills on a longboard

There’s nothing quite like the rush of cruising down a hill with the wind in your hair and a Penny Longboard beneath your feet. If you’ve got a sense of adventure, grab your longboard and head for the hills. #skatethere #escapethere.

Of all the skateboarding genres, downhill longboarding is one of the most exhilarating and doesn’t need to be extreme. Longboard skateboards are engineered to reduce the need for pushing, giving you the freedom to coast along with balance and stability. Penny’s secret plastic formula has been reformulated for the longboard, providing the right amount of strength and natural flexibility, while reverse aluminium kingpin trucks give the board greater control and response for carving. The Penny longboard also comes with our signature waffle top deck with added spray on grip, to give riders the perfect non-slip surface, while the 83A wheels will coast over uneven and rough surfaces with ease, for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Cruising down a relaxed slope is a great way to experience the smooth and steady ride of a longboard. Whether you want to skate at pace or make your way down leisurely, you’ll be amazed by Penny Longboard’s ability to sweep through corners and gather momentum.

Downhill Longboarding

If skating hills sounds exciting to you, here are some of the best places in the world to push plastic downhill. Just remember to always skate at your own skill level.

 San Francisco, USA

With its hilly landscape and skateboarding heritage, San Francisco is a fantastic place to carve up the streets on a Penny Longboard. There are an endless number of hills to ride, from steep declines, which are definitely best suited to advanced longboarders, to less daunting slopes for beginners. Thanks to the city’s thriving skateboarding culture, there are plenty of diehard longboarders to skate with in San Fran.


Longboarding in San Francisco

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Adelaide Hills, Adelaide, South Australia

They don’t call it “Radelaide” for nothing. On the city’s outskirts, groups of longboarders meet regularly to skate the Adelaide Hills.

Longboarding in Adelaide


North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Canada might be famous for its ski slopes, but it’s also home to one of the fastest growing longboarding communities in the world. Vancouver’s North Shore is built into the side of a mountain, making it one of Canada’s most popular destinations for downhill longboarders. A number of North Vancouver’s streets offer hundreds of metres of unobstructed downhill slopes, presenting longboarders with the chance to coast the city’s smooth pavements.

Vancouver longboarding

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Vulkanradweg, Gedern, Germany

With over 13 kilometres of bitumen at varying levels of steepness, Vulkanradweg is suitable for both rookies and more experienced longboarders. It is well known in Germany as a skateboarding hot spot, attracting longboarders from all over Europe. Locals are used to the sight of skaters and don’t seem to mind sharing the road. There’s even a bus on weekends to ferry people back to the top of the hill.


Penny Longboards are designed to suit a variety of different skating styles. To find out more ways you can have fun on a Penny Longboard, check out the other blog posts in our Longboarding Series:

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The Penny Longboard is available in six rad colours, Blue, Glow, Grey, Mint, Rasta and Royal Blue. Click here to see the new Penny Longboard range online exclusive.

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Skate safety: Know your limits. Penny Skateboards recommend you always skate within your ability. Skateboarding is fun but for your best protection, we recommend wearing safety certified protective gear.

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