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Launched: Penny x Pendleton Range

Making a career out of his two great passions, Who is Don Pendletonskateboarding and creating art, Don Pendleton knows a thing or two about a good skateboard graphic. So, we knew it was only natural to team up with Don for our latest limited edition range.

Who is Don Pendleton?

A creative artist, designer and illustrator, Don Pendleton is renowned for his legendary skateboard graphics… as well as producing a range of other artworks such as acrylics on canvas for gallery show, murals, conceptual art, and installation pieces build on a narrative artistic vision.
His ability to combine the written word with graphic images was developed through a desire to produce art with ‘a little more depth’, and flows through his each of his pieces. Originally influenced by his father’s art, Don started to draw at the age of nine…just before he started skateboarding at 14.

“When I started skating, art was already a huge Penny Pendleton Seriespart of what made skateboarding what it was.” Don says. “Riders were doing their own graphics, they had their own style, and were all involved with photography, music and art. And I’ll always see skateboarding as an art rather than a sport.”

His skating took off after securing some sponsors, and he was working his way through the amateur ranks of competing and doing demos when fate intervened and an ankle injury shifted his focus back to producing art. Don then completed a Bachelor of Graphic Arts, and went on to create art for some of the biggest skate and snow brands around, as well as other iconic brands such as Nike 6.0, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Oakley and DC Shoes.

His art has been exhibited all over the globe, in various exhibits and shows, and Don’s also been featured in Slap Magazine, The Skateboard Mag, Transworld, Color, Streetwear Today, and Lodown Magazine among other print and online publications.

What’s in the Penny x Pendleton Range?

Taking the Penny that’s everyone’sPenny 22 favourite plastic skateboard, and adding a legendary artistic influence like Don Pendleton means one seriously cool new range. Available in two different sizes, a 22” in three different graphic/colour combinations, and a 27” limited edition that’s restricted to just 500 boards worldwide.

Penny 22” Pendleton

The only decision you’ll have to make after seeing the Penny 22” Pendleton is ‘which colour?!’.

And the answer depends entirely on your love of blue, pink or grey and mint. With three different colourways available, each with a unique design, there’s a Penny 22” Pendleton for everyone who loves the vibrant artwork of Don Pendleton…and that’s pretty much everyone, right?

22” range consists of: Pendleton Wave (Pink), Pendleton Surge (Blue), Pendleton Crest (Grey).

Penny 27Penny 27″ Pendleton

While owning your own Penny x Pendleton skateboard is going to amazing regardless of your size or colour choice, being just one of 500 to own a limited edition 27” Pendleton would push your excitement levels into overdrive. Showing Don’s flair for combining colour, your Limited Edition 27” Pendleton will draw attention wherever you go.

27” Pendleton Breaker (Black) is limited to 500 skateboards worldwide. Be quick!



Get your own Penny x Pendleton here.