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Penny Skateboards: Claire In Hawaii

Claire In Hawaii

Usually, you can find Claire of @plantifulsoul laying by the ocean in Venice Beach, California. Although sometimes she goes on vacation from vacation to dreamy places like Hawaii. We had a chance to catch up with Claire and chit chat about her recent travels. Needless to say as we looked at her photos from the trip and got lost in a hazy day dream.

Penny Skateboards- Claire In Hawaii

Let’s Get Lost

Penny Skateboards Collage Claire In Hawaii

Tell us a bit about your stay

This escape, as most of them flow, was fairly spontaneous. My two friends, Alex and Allie, and I planned it just the beginning of February…time slipped through our fingertips and before I had a moment to a single breath, I was soaring over an indigo ocean and came to rest within this little untamed oasis.

We came to play around in the Wanderlust Festival at Turtle Bay in Oahu, and to uncover the magic this ethereal realm offers just around every bend…I am here for just around two weeks, but I will not stay away for long…

I met Melissa, the beautiful human being who captured these sunlit moments our last night in Oahu, hitchhiking along North Shore to the festival one morning. She not only opened her heart (and car) to us, but she happened to be the head photographer of Wanderlust and dove into creating magic with us from the moment our paths crossed. It’s synchronistic experiences like this that make me believe in the spirit of love that this island is immersed within…

If you’d like to see more of Melissa’s breathtaking work and follow her journey, be sure to swim over to her Instagram: @MelissaGayleCollective or blog:

Have you been out to Hawaii before?

No…although I feel as though I have. This place has an intoxicating familiarity lingering in it’s air that feels like home…a pulsing heartbeat gentle enough to rest my head within and powerful enough to crush oceans in its grasp…this place is unreal…living proof that magic exists.

Penny Skateboards Claire in Hawaii Quote

What is your favorite thing about Hawaii?

Where do I even begin…from the moment my feet touched this sandy coastline, i was wrapped into an embrace reaching deeper than the crystalline waters tracing this ethereal realm. This place is breathtaking, yes. But the people. They are the most beautiful part. The common thread of selflessness stitched into the hearts of the people here is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have never felt so welcomed, so fully taken care of before in my life. Most have very little…for they are already whole within. They give and give and give.  They remind me of what it means to be human. How to love. Each other, and this earth. Their connection to this place is sacred, the respect they have for mother nature gives me hope for this entire world. The people I have met here…every single one changed my life.

Penny Skateboards Claire In Hawaii Sunset

As a vegan where are your favorite places to eat on the island?

For the past week, I feel as though I’ve been fueled by sunlight, saltwater, and endless acai bowls. Local smoothie shops like Bonzai Bowls. Hands down the yummiest vegan “real food” restaurant we nourished our bellies at was Beatbox Cafe in Haleiwa. Their burrito babe is killer. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted it.

Did you do any hikes and if so which ones?

Oh yes…hiking here is like getting lost in another world. The lush jungles and banyan trees that flourish here remind me of Pandora from Avatar…our footsteps scampered through heaps of paths that traced their way a bit off the grid…but one of the more popular ones we ventured upon was the Lanikai Pillboxes Hike, which gives you a little glimpse looking out over this little oasis from a birds eye view…somehow makes it even more beautiful.

Claire In Hawaii Penny Boarding

Tell us your best memory of the trip

The first night we arrived in Oahu, we went out to the local store to stock up our air b n b for the time we were there. Jet lagged, exhausted, and arms overflowing with groceries, we stumbled out into the parking lot unsure of how we would make it back to our place. In that moment, a kind soul walked over to us and asked if we needed a lift home. The next day he took us hiking (Hawaiian style, no path in sight, nearly straight up a mountain) behind his family’s farm and showed us places that have been left untouched for years. Our last night, he extended of token of aloha to each of us that was the most powerful symbol of selflessness I have ever held in my two hands. He came from very little…and told us that others have lifted him up to where he is now, so that he can give to others. I will never forget his unwavering selflessness or story…as it is now part of my own.

Penny Skateboards Claire in Hawaii truck

What music have you been listening to during your stay?

Mmmm…lots and lots of reggae, and whatever ends up playing in the truck beds we somehow always find ourselves climbing into. The voices of Trevor Hall, Bob Marley, Soja, Michael Franti, and Jack Johnson have weaved their way into ocean lullabies and the hum of the earth beneath our feet…the sounds of moments we’ve collected to replay in our minds for lifetimes to come. The spirit of aloha has made a home within my heart.

Claire’s Penny Pick

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Up Up & Away

Thanks Claire for letting us have a taste of what went down during your dream like journey to O’ahu. We will be sure to start stalking plane fares. If you want to see more of Claire’s #PennyAdventures follow her on Instagram.

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