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Penny x AOB x I Ride I Recycle 2016

I Ride I Recycle Board

Penny x AOB x i Ride i Recycle Limited Edition

Penny Skateboards is known as a fun brand, but we can also be serious about things like taking care of our planet. That is why we have, once again, collaborated with Art of Board (AOB) to create this beautiful 27” limited edition Penny complete. With a 100% recycled plastic deck, quality hardware and rad visuals provided by Art of Board’s design team, this limited edition penny skateboard is set to be a collector’s item. Sales of this board will help fuel AOB’s skateboard recycling program, I Ride I Recycle (IRIR).

So, what is I Ride I Recycle? It’s a movement in skateboarding to recycle broken and worn out skate decks. We wanted to share some of Art of Board’s story with you, so we spent some time with founders Bruce Boul and Stephen Simon to find out more about their love of skateboarding, their passion for great design and the plans for IRIR.


girl rides art of board skateboard

 Interview with Art of Board

How long have you been involved in the skateboarding?

We all fell in love with this culture at a very young age and became skateboarders as kids in the 1970s. Aside from the sheer fun aspect, what attracted us most was the creative aspect. We all saw it as an art form and a way to express our individuality. Today, we use that same passion and concept to create our proprietary Art of Board designs.

Who is Art of Board?

We are a group of people who love skateboarding and truly appreciated the culture and the graphic artwork on every deck. Not only do we hate to see wood waste going to landfills because we love our planet…but we also hate seeing all that amazing artwork just being buried in the dirt when it could live on in another form to be enjoyed for many more years. Add in the scuffs and scrapes put there by skaters, and it becomes truly authentic and original art. Each scrape added trying obsessively to land a trick. That obsession. That energy is captured on that deck and documented forever in AOB designs….telling the true story of skateboarding.

What is the impact to the environment every time a broken deck is sent to the landfill?

Because most of the wood contains pigment, glues and grip tape, it’s like putting a hazardous material into the earth. They can also release harmful chemicals into the air when burned for energy and are considered a major fire hazard in California. A harsh reality for a lot of skate shops and manufacturers is that sending waste to landfills is far less expensive that finding ways to recycle it. Until now. IRIR has given the industry a solution.

i Ride i Recycle BoardWhat led to the collaboration of Art of Board and Penny Skateboards?

The two brands connected at the Agenda Tradeshow a few seasons ago and briefly talked about the potential of the collaboration and from there the wheels kept rolling. We had just started printing our reclaimed skateboard tile patterns and saw a great opportunity with Penny’s recycled plastic boards to create a truly authentic looking AND sustainable board (something that had never been done before) using imagery of actual recycled boards collected through the first ever skateboard recycling movement, I Ride I Recycle. We launched the first limited edition Nickel board in 2014 and because of its success, we all knew we needed to develop more patterns. We’re excited about this collaboration on many levels. Penny is introducing skateboarding to kids all over the globe, so it’s a great way for us to reach more skateboarders and introduce them to IRIR.

What is the inspiration behind the graphics for this beautiful Penny IRIR Complete?

The Penny team in Australia asked us to create an AOB pattern that evoked an “under the sea” vibe. And since our roots are in designing tile, we created a fish scale tile pattern using actual recycled skateboard imagery to tell an aquatic nature story. The colors in all their scuffed up glory are exactly as they were on the wood decks the day we collected them from the skateshops. The result is an eye-catching, original, sustainable design story that will appeal to skaters, surfers, Penny collectors and artists.

Where would I go to find some of your best examples of the tile work created from your efforts?

We design tile feature walls, flooring, murals and wall coverings for global brands such as Google, Monster Energy, Red Bull, and Macy’s to name a few. Our tile and design work can be seen all over the world.

What is the next for AOB and IRIR?

We’re continuing to evolve and push the boundaries of design by taking skateboarding boldly where it’s never been—in a truly authentic way. We’ve recently launched AOB Customization, which enables our clients to tell us what they want and we can design something unique for them. This includes more applications for hospitality, commercial, retail and residential design customers. We also have an Art of Board/Element boy’s apparel collection coming out this month. And we’re all in when it comes to continuing our relationship with Pennyboard. Our hope is that the Penny customer will demand more designs from AOB.


To learn more about I Ride I Recycle please visit  The Penny i Ride i Recycle 27″ is available exclusively in the USA and Canada.

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