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Photo Of The Month- January 2017

Each month we search the #PennyAdventures, #PennySkateboards, & our tagged photos to search and feature someone’s photo of the month. For January 2017, @SkyRizzo caught our attention by sharing multiple images from his trip to Puerto Rico but one in particular caught our eye!

Find out what other Penny fans are up to, what inspires them and what adventure you’ll see them on next. Join the Penny community (on InstagramFacebook), get social sharing and seeking your own adventure!

Sky Rizzo Takeover

Sky Rizzo- Penny Skateboards Photo Of The MonthPenny Skateboards- Photo Of The MonthPennySkateboards Photo Of The Month

Hi! My name is Sky Rizzo, I am 22 years old. I fell in love with skateboarding when I was 8. Just 2 years after my older brother and I began building quarter pipes and kickers in my driveway. All of the kids who skateboarded in middle school (Alec, Pat, and Ryan) would come to my house after school and skate till the sun went down. My parents loved that everybody used my driveway as a skatepark but were always skeptical because of the fear of me getting injured. At that point I was so addicted to the rush and thrills skateboarding gave me that having to bail once in a while was worth it for me.

Fast 5 With Sky

  1. It looks like you’re into Photography, what is your favorite thing to photograph?

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a kid, but it all started with skateboarding. My friends and I would take what we learned in my driveway skatepark to the streets and we would photograph ourselves doing tricks on often sketchy transitions. From there I started filming and fell out of doing photography for a couple of years. When I graduated high school, I took all of my money and invested in a camera to start taking photos again. From there I started to look at life with a different perspective. What can I photograph? How can I create? How can I stand out from everybody else? I started to photograph landscapes and incorporate skateboarding into the photos to be authentic to myself while being innovative.

  1. Tell us more about what inspired you to take the pic on Penny’s with the scuba masks

Recently I took a trip to Puerto Rico with a few of my buddies to surf, explore, and most importantly shred on our Penny Boards. For 5 days straight we would wake up and explore while photographing every moment. On the way to the reef to snorkel, I thought that the mixture of the board walk in our bathing suits with our snorkeling gear would make for a real feel good moment to photograph. The nostalgic feeling when I look at that photograph brings me back to that moment in time of pure ecstasy.

  1. Where are you from? If we were to ever visit, what is something we can’t miss?

I’m from Long Island, NY. The summertime is full of life filled with beach days and small shops. Going out to the end of Long Island you’ll find a beach town called Montauk. The town is most known for it’s surf spots, fishing, and as a beach getaway. You can find Penny boarders at every corner bombing hills and enjoying the thrills Montauk offers. If you’re ever in Long Island in the summer time don’t sleep on Montauk.

  1. If you could Penny Board any place in the world where would you go?

This summer I hope to make a trip out to Hawaii which has been a top place on my bucket list since I was a kid. The views are incredible and I plan on capturing endless photos of me and my Penny Board.

  1. Describe a typical day in your life

Skydiving was an absolutely surreal experience. I live my life spontaneous and I feel like that is the only way I can. Shortly after my friend Katie graduated college, she threw a graduation party at her house in Massapequa. We woke up the next morning feeling like we needed an adventure. We called every skydiving place nearby and weren’t able to go out that day. Not until we decided to take a trip to Pennsylvania for a spontaneous skydiving vacation. My two friends and I made the 4 hour drive and stayed overnight because our aerial expedition wasn’t scheduled until the next morning. With a whole night to ourselves we took it to the next level and got tattoos just before the big dive. Once we finally boarded the plane I felt a sense of fear and excitement. When I finally jumped I felt like I was living in a fantasy. The tattoo I got says “Fantasy Over Reality”, because no matter where life takes you, there’s always a thrill to find if you just forget about the reality of tomorrow and start fantasizing in the moment.


Sky Rizzo- Penny Skateboards Photo Of The Month

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us Sky! If you want a chance at being the Penny Skateboards photo of the month and to share your story just tag @PennySkateboards and #PennyAdventures. Be sure to give Sky a follow on Instagram!