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Soul Sk8 Series

We chat with Beau & Ferg about their Soul Sk8 Series


C0073.00_02_17_23.Still002Beau Gaughran and John Ferguson are two friends with a love for adventure and photography. Inspired by a trip to Africa, Beau took this next level and started documenting all their endeavours – taking his camera everywhere he goes. This led to a penny skate video series they’ve dubbed ‘Soul Sk8’. We think these guys and their Soul Sk8 project are pretty inspiring – so we’ve brought their story to you…




What do you like about videography/photography?

I think when I have a camera in my hand I look at life a bit differently. When I’m out shooting my friends in the mountains, on rivers, or on some pristine piece of sidewalk, I tend to immerse myself a bit more in whatever we are doing. So many epic moments are fleeting. Being able to capture those moments and look back on them later, play with them, and build them into sequences is great fun.



What inspired you to create the Soul Sk8 series?


SoulSk8 began long before I started filming skating. Skating for the soul is just a means of navigating the everyday urban landscape in a more interactive, intimate, and creative method. I think a turning point was when Ferg and I had just gotten back from a short surf trip to Puerto Rico and he was ripping around the city on his Penny. Watching him surf around cabs in rush hour traffic was pretty unreal. Those moments sort of changed my perspective on the concrete jungle and brought it to life in a very cool way.


Ferg (John):

All of our buddies enjoy romping around outside, whatever that entails on any given day. Skating, but one of the many outdoor activities, has proven to be conveniently accessible (weather depending) for the most part. Rolling around at speed with buddies is so genuinely enjoyable, that there are points where I seem to really dislike walking. Soul Sk8 stemmed from this seemingly contagious stoke. Ramping up each other’s energy levels while skating, or getting some looks from curious onlookers, is always a good time. For me personally, it stems from surfing. Negotiating variable pavement, simply making turns, or attempting new moves while trying to infuse any and all of it with some sort of fluidity seems a dynamic and ever-evolving pursuit, endlessly enjoyable. I guess we wanted to share it after messing around a little with a camera.



Do you ride a 22” or a 27” nickel?

Beau: 22”. Keeping things simple and small allows for ample exploration.

Ferg: I ride a 22” penny and absolutely love it for so many reasons. I stand 6’4” with a size 13 foot, but the tight and seemingly unparalleled turning radius my little blue penny has to offer is incredible. It still has a quality flex for pumping in and out of turns, and seems to me to be a super lively and energetic ride. Be it slalom style, hitting speed down hills, or trying to ‘surf’ a concrete bank, there is never a dull moment with those 22” of plastic beneath my feet.



If you had your pick from the below which would you choose;

A. a day cruising by the beach

B. Carving up corners in hinterland, or

C. Skating and practicing penny tricks 


Beau: I’d pick B. Carving up corners in hinterland.

Ferg: I would most certainly choose  A. a day cruising by the beach.




Of all the people in the world, who would you take skating?

Beau: It would be pretty cool to do a big ol’ party skate with all of my friends. But if I could only choose one person, it would probably be Ferg. Skating with that guy makes you feel like you’re riding a wave no matter where you are.


Ferg: Of all the people in the world, I would love to take Carl Sagan, the famous astronomer of the 20th century. I picture him as a humble, vastly intelligent person, and believe a skate session with him would prove to be quite the time.


These guys are just starting out and have big plans for their filming futures, so if you like to skate, snowboard, surf, bike or whitewater kayak you should definitely be following the guys that created the Soul Sk8 Series! You can find them on instagram @bgaugz, @polechilups, @fannypackferg.

Hope you enjoyed those short clips and interview, the full video from Soul Sk8 Series II is below for your viewing pleasure. Peace out!