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The 3D Customizer Process With Two Little Birds Wander West

Penny HQ Takeover

Bloggers Mckenzie and Bree of Two Little Birds Wander West wandered into our Headquarters a couple of weeks ago and created a board with our 3D Customizer! Incase you missed it on our IG story, here we are…recapping! Follow them around the Penny HQ and get an idea of how your custom Penny Board is made!

Two Little Birds Wander West

Find Your Style

The first step is to go to our 3D Customizer and have a look at all of the options and versions of the board you can make, there’s literally thousands. You customize the deck color all the way down to the color of the screws that piece your board together!

Bree & Mckenzie took over our Social Media Coordinator’s desk and computer to pick out their favorite combinations.

Two Little Birds Wander West 3d Customizer

The Building Process

Once they finally decided after many different tries we went back to the warehouse where we build our custom boards! The customized boards are built at Penny HQ in Oceanside, California.

When the order is placed, the components are picked from the warehouse and ready to be built!

Penny Skateboards HQ screws

Penny Skateboarsd HQ Grip and Deck Penny Skateboards HQ Custom 3d Wheels Penny Skateboards HQ applying Grip Tape

Two Little Birds Custom Picks

We listed out the exact options the bloggers picked so if you love it, you can make one just like it, or similar!

deck :: white

wheel :: orange

truck :: white

bolt :: white

panel :: none

grip :: floral

Watch Their BTS Vlog

The little birds vlogged their entire experience. Everything from wandering around the warehouse to the final product they designed!




Want More?

Thanks to Bree and Mckenzie of Two Little Birds Wander West for coming to hang out, we had so much fun!

If you want more of these blogger babes, follow them on social media!

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Start all new #PennyAdventures today by creating your own custom Penny Board!