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penny metallic fade

The perfect size for all.

Chase sunshine and good times.

Penny board styles
Here at Penny we release new styles each year and throughout the year to keep up with ever changing trends in style and colour. If you don’t find a style you like, why not try something simpler with our new range of Classics with more colour choice than ever before! Alternatively build your own design on our 3D customiser.

Choosing your Penny Size.
Here at the official Penny website, we have a range of skateboards to suit everyone at every level. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first skateboard, a Pennyboarder looking for a hot new style, can already skate and love a good cruiser board, or are an advanced skater looking for a new mode of transport. Choose your size of either a 22” original Penny, or the bigger 27” Nickel if you want a little more plastic under foot.

The 22” Penny is small, nimble and easy to take anywhere. Coast along at speed, carve the tightest of corners, or give yourself the test of mastering a trick on a small skateboard. If you find you’re a little bit challenged for balance, try the larger 27” Penny, known as the Nickel. Its wider base and longer deck means you’ll easily find your feet as a beginner, it’s also the perfect cruiser board and a bit easier if you’re starting out wanting to learn tricks, or need more space for your big feet.

Buying a Genuine Penny Skateboard
Be aware of fakes, they may be cheap and tempting, but they aren’t the same quality as a real Penny.

Penny only use quality components from tip to tail. Our secret plastic formula ensures the right combination of flexibility and strength ensuring a smooth and fun ride. Penny bearings and wheels are designed to handle bumps with their chip resistant formula. Best of all, all genuine Penny’s come with a 1-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong, just contact us and we will sort you out!

What else do you need to know?
Just like any skateboard, a Penny requires maintenance. So we’ve got all the spare parts you may need from new bolts, bearing, wheels. Make sure you’re updating your set up to ensure an always smooth ride!

Penny have a range of accessories for your new penny board. The Penny Pouch Backpack, is no ordinary bag, it’s a skateboard backpack that will fit your 22” or 27” penny snug with dual straps and a zip out pouch for the tail. If you want to customise your board, or find it a little slippery, take a look at our huge selection of grip tape for the top of your deck and panel stickers to bring to life the underside.