Pendleton Series

Through his passion for skateboarding and unique approach to art, colour and shape, Don Pendleton has brought life and colour to skateboarding for almost 20 years. We’re thrilled to partner with Don to give you the Penny Limited Edition range for 2014/15.

Pendleton Series

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Pendleton’s unique cubist creations have inspired four new graphics, which transform the original Penny skateboard into a piece of art.

The three Penny 22” Pendleton skateboards each feature a different colourway, so you’re spoilt for choice! Available in blue, pink or grey and mint, these boards let you cruise around in style with a masterpiece under your feet.

The Limited Edition Penny 27” Pendleton skateboard is an exclusive limited edition, with only 500 boards being made and distributed worldwide. This board is truly unique with a Don Pendleton graphic in shades of orange, black, blue, green and white. Whether it’s a quick cruise to the store or tricks in the park, you can show off your exclusive Pendleton artwork in large scale on the Penny 27” Pendleton.

Browse through Penny’s extensive collection, and if you can’t find a style that’s bright enough for your personality, just head on over to the Penny Skateboard 3D Customizer to create something unique. With a 22” / 27" Penny skateboard you can skate wherever and whenever you feel like it!