Skateboard Hardware

Customising a Penny Skateboard is easy with our great range of hardware. Take your favourite Penny deck, then simply add new wheels, trucks, griptape, and even different coloured bolts. It’s your Penny, the way you like it.

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Your Penny will never get boring thanks to our huge range of Penny hardware! You can change everything you’d like to: wheels, trucks, griptape, panel stickers, bolts… and even decks. Changing parts is an easy way to customise a Penny Skateboard and change things up when you feel like it!

Genuine Penny spare parts transform a tired Penny deck in an instant – and there are plenty of Penny Skateboard options to choose from. With a huge range of colours on offer, mixing and matching to make a unique Penny will customise your skateboard and show off your creativity.


Add our bright and colourful wheels to your Penny to personalise your skateboard, and reflect your unique style whenever you hit the streets. Our 59mm 83A wheels are designed to provide a smooth ride, so you can zip around quickly and easily on your personalised Penny skateboard. Each set contains four wheels. Set of 4.


Powder-coated trucks are available in bright colours or wrapped graphics, and 3” or 4” sizes depending on your deck size. Match your trucks to your deck graphic, choose a complementary colour, or clash your colours as you see fit. Set of 2.

Griptape & Panel Stickers

Add a bit more grip to your deck with our range of griptape, which will stop the slip and slide as you ride. Plus, they look great! For even more Penny fun, try our panel stickers on the underside of your deck.


They’re the smallest component on a Penny Skateboard, but a quick colour swap can update your board in a flash. Keep them all the same colour, or give each individual bolt it’s own using different bolt packs – the choice is yours! Set of 8.