Penny Graphics

A collection of fresh new Penny Skateboards for everyone! Everything from abstract designs to camouflage. Guys and girls of all ages can find an awesome new graphic Penny in either 22" or 27" sizes. Gear up with a genuine Penny Skateboard and get your #PennyAdventures started.

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Graphic Skateboards

The perfect size for all.

Chase sunshine and good times.

Brand new Penny graphic skateboards are here! Not only are they available as 22" Penny Skateboards and 27" Nickel Skateboards, but there’s such a wide variety that almost everyone will find one to fit their personal style. The eclectic Graphic collection ranges from super bright colors with symmetrical patterns, to multiple redesigned tie dye boards, as well as dark boards with abstract designs.

Don’t feel as though you must get a graphic board though. There are so many options, just a click away. The new range of Classic Penny skateboards featuring solid color decks with varying truck and wheel colors. The new Glow Series, where you can choose a glow board in one of three colors. Or even the Metallic Fades, which fade from one metallic color to the next as you travel from the nose to tail.

One of the coolest features of browsing here at is our 3D customizer! If you see something you like, but want to put your own personal twist on the colors of your set up, head on over where you can customize everything from the deck, wheels, trucks, bolts, and we’ll even include a panel sticker and griptape!