3" Penny Trucks

You wouldn’t drive a car with dodgy axels – why would you bomb hills on a board with dodgy trucks? Skateboard trucks are an essential part of any setup; without them, the wheels will fall off. Literally.

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Quality trucks allow you to express your true style, whether you’re carving up a storm, bombing hills or cruising the streets.

Penny 3” trucks are design to complement the Penny Original 22” board – both in terms of fit and style. Light and strong, they are built to carve, ensuring you pull those tight turns that Penny Original boards are known for. In terms of colour, the options are virtually limitless. Match your board. Create contrast. No matter what look you are going for, Penny’s range will help you pull it off.

The colour range is extensive, and includes purple, blue, green, orange, pink, red, white and black. Penny also offers stylish alternatives such as tropical print and retro wood grain finish. For those who are sticklers for tradition, there is also the original silver models – a must for any skater’s collection really!

Our entire range is made from a high quality aluminium construction, and comes complete with pressed kingpins for added durability. These trucks come standard with 87A cushions, offering just the right amount of give to shred in style!

Browse the range of quality Penny trucks below and place an order today. At affordable prices, it’s possible to keep a few in your collection. You never know when you might need new trucks – or simply a change in style!