Penny Skateboard Grip Tape

Penny Grip Tape is available in a fabulous array of designs that means a sturdier ride has never looked better. Once you’ve selected the deck of your dreams with wheels to match, choosing the perfect grip tape is the icing on the cake.

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The practical benefits of grip tape are balance and stability. Penny Skateboard’s distinctive waffle cone deck means grip tape is not a necessity as with other boards, but it’s perfect for a little extra stability or for a sturdier platform for throwing tricks. Installation takes just minutes, and our straightforward video tutorial will have you getting a grip in no time.

Penny Grip Tape comes in such a good-looking range of colours and patterns that you’re sure to be flummoxed when it comes to making a choice, but never fear - we’ve picked out several of our favourites to help you along the way!

Snake Skin
We’re starting out strong with the sexy snakeskin grip tape. The sinuous black and white scales will be the perfect complement to a slick black set up, or a funky blend of designs when combined with a patterned board.

The notoriously smooth ride of Penny Skateboards in combination with the Camo grip tape will make stealth missions your specialty!

Jazz up your Penny with the enigmatic cube graphic grip tape, available in hues of pink and green. The optical illusion will have everyone looking twice as you cruise down the street feeling extra sturdy on your gripped deck.

Tutti Frutti
This colourful Tutti Frutti grip tape is everything a tropical explosion should be. A wild yet somehow appealing burst of colours will have you feeling funky, fruity and fantastic.

A picturesque design of flowers on a china-blue background will tell the world you are in touch with your delicate side, but we’re not fooled; we know you like to shred with the best of them!

Who doesn’t love leopard print? Grip tape is great for stability, but you’re sure to increase your speed with this big cat on your side.

Space out with Penny’s Astro grip tape and its heavenly burst of stars. You’ll be cruising the streets and the Milky Way with this stylish addition, a striking final touch to any Penny set up.

Tie Die
Unleash your inner hippie with the popular Tie Die grip tape, a psychedelic blend of vibrant colours that is sure to put you in a prime mood for cruising the streets.

With such a fun range of designs available at very reasonable prices, there’s no reason not to add grip tape as the finishing touch to your Penny Skateboard today!