27" Penny Skateboards

Looking for a skateboard with a little more stability and control? Penny's 27” board is for anyone who prefers a little extra plastic under their feet. Commonly referred to as the "Nickel," it's easy to see how this skateboard got its nickname. With loads of colour combinations and rad designs that are sure to stand out from the crowd, 27" Penny Nickel boards are the ultimate skating companion.

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The perfect size for all.

Chase sunshine and good times.

Choose from Penny's wide range of solid colours with contrasting wheels, or opt for a signature model such as the Christian Hosoi , Graphics series or brightly-coloured Painted Fades designs. If you want to create a totally unique Nickel, the 27" deck size is available in Penny's 3D Online Customiser. Whether you’re perfecting your tricks or cruising down to the beach, these versatile skateboards are the ideal way to get about when the sun is shining.

At 27” long and 7.5” wide, the Nickel is a little bigger overall, in comparison with Penny’s original 22” model. Made from the same great plastic composition that provides a unique combination of flexibility and strength, the Nickel board deck is fitted with durable, high performance aluminium trucks, colour coordinated wheels and Abec7 bearings.

As with 22” Pennys, Nickel boards are capable of some serious shredding. From navigating the streets to cruising to the beach, the Penny 27” effortlessly blends both style and functionality. Tight turns are no issue; this skateboard lives to carve.

Looking for something a little nimbler? The Penny 22” skateboard is your best bet. As the smallest member of the Penny family, the 22" deck is light and portable, so you can take it everywhere. For a skateboard that surfs the sidewalks, check out Penny's 36" Longboard.

Browse through Penny’s extensive collection, and if you can’t find a style that’s bright enough for your personality, just head on over to the Penny Skateboard 3D Customizer to create something unique. With a 27” Penny skateboard you can skate wherever and whenever you feel like it!