Penny Metallics

Some of the coolest boards we’ve created, introducing the Metallics Series! These unique boards are bold and as fun as ever to cruise on. These shiny Metallics aren’t meant to just be a fashion statement. The 22” Penny and 27” Nickel are made with all the same high quality components as any other Penny and can withstand the abuse of hard daily skating.

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penny metallic fade

Penny Metallics

Shine On!

Our Metallics collection is our latest take on the classic Penny board. These cruisers are sure to turn heads with their unique look and sun reflecting shine. Whether you use your cruiserboard to check the surf or on an all out adventure, a Penny 22" or 27" Metallics is perfect. It is easy to pack in any situation, has smooth rolling 59mm cruiser wheels, and is the perfect board for beginner to expert riders. Buy yours today from the Official Penny Online store.