Penny Fades

Penny Fades

Be unique with a Penny cruiser unlike any other; a Penny Fade. These boards seamlessly fade from one color to the next to create color combinations like no other. The latest addition to the Fades family is our revolutionary Metallic Fade, that catches the sun and shines like no other skateboard out there. Choose your size and color combo and cruise in style.

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penny metallic fade

Penny Fades Collection

Seamless Color Combinations

A unique treatment on our classic Penny board, the Penny Fades collection seamlessly changes from one color to the next to create a look like no other. The Painted Fades effortlessly blend multiple bright hue together, while the Metallic Fades mix two shiny, metallic colors. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, 59mm cruiser wheels, and Penny's secret plastic formula skateboard deck, these cruisers are built to last. The perfect skateboard for beginners or seasoned experts. Buy yours today from the Official Penny online store