Penny Pastels Skateboards

Originally designed as girls’ skateboards, Penny’s Pastels range is a toned-down version of the original, eye-popping Penny boards you know and love.

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Penny’s original colours were bright, bold and eye-catching, however there was also a demand for pared-back, softer tones. It can be hard to find girls’ skateboards that ride hard yet are still just a little bit pretty – the Penny Pastels range fills the void. Featuring softer, pastel tones, these boards are designed for girls (and guys too!) who are looking for a fresh, sugary take on the original boards.

The colour range includes the soft orange glow of peach, fresh mint, chilled-out lilac and subtle citrus lemon. These colours perfectly complement each other, and you’ll find that each board features a combination of tones across the decks, wheels and trucks.

Made from the same great plastic as the original Penny boards, these Pastels may be soft in colour – but they’re certainly not soft when it comes to bombing hills! The range includes both Penny Original 22” boards and Nickel 27” boards to suit your style. Want a fun board that’ll take you anywhere? Go the Penny 22”. Prefer a little more plastic underfoot? The Nickel 27” is for you.

All boards come with either 3” or 4” cast aluminium powder coated trucks, 59mm super-smooth wheels, high tensile bolts and Abec7 bearings. As with all Penny boards, the Pastels range works perfectly with all Penny wheels, trucks, grip tape, bearings and bolts – meaning you can mix and match to fit your groove.

Browse through Penny’s extensive collection, and if you can’t find a style that’s bright enough for your personality, just head on over to the Penny Skateboard 3D Customizer to create something unique. With a 22” / 27" Penny skateboard you can skate wherever and whenever you feel like it!