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Live the Penny lifestyle even when you are off your board with our range of accessories.  From hats to backpacks we've got something that will compliment your Penny board and keep you rolling in style

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Wearing or carrying the Penny logo is a statement about the type of life you like to lead – one that embraces the good times, days spent chasing the sun and having a laugh with your friends. Our range of skate apparel, fashion, backpacks and accessories makes it easy to rep the Penny way of life as you cruise the streets on your skateboard.

Carry your board around with a Penny Pouch, the ultimate in skate backpacks – it has the perfect spot to put your board when travelling, or you just need to take a break. Available in a great range of colours, you’ll find one to suit your style and fit your Penny; it’s win, win!

Other items in our Lifestyle range include our very popular iPhone cases, as well as Penny caps and hats. Get one in every colour and you’ll be switch things up on the fly, before you spend the day hanging out and embracing the Penny lifestyle.

Each of the products in our Lifestyle range is designed to complement our great range of Penny Skateboards, so that the Penny style is carried through from the deck under your feet to the cap on your head. Here at Penny we love to see Penny fans out and about, enjoying what life has to offer, in the latest Penny fashion and with the latest Penny accessories in their hands. There’s a strong sense of pride in showing your love for the brand that brought us one epic plastic skateboard: Penny Skateboards.