Combo Packs

Combo Packs

Adventures are best chased with friends, so if you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, you’ve come to right place. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a simple thank you, a Penny board is always a crowd pleaser. Mix and match a selection of hardware and accessories and you’re earning yourself a sarcastic amount of goodwill. Penny has a huge range of awesome bundles to keep the good times rolling.

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With a great range of Penny gift packs to choose from, Penny Skateboards has got your wish list all wrapped up. Whether you’re shopping for a beginner skateboarder, an experienced rider or someone who prefers the laidback style of longboarding, Penny has something for everyone.

When shopping for Penny fans, consider the Ultimate Skate Pack. It ticks everything off any Penny fan’s wish list. Featuring some of Penny’s most popular products, the Ultimate Skate Pack comes with your choice of any Classic Penny board (in either the 22" or 27" deck size), with a 2015 Penny Pouch Backpack, a solid-colour set of wheels, a 2015 Penny Cap and a new set of bearings. Choose your favourite style!

If you’re new to skateboarding, the Skater Pouch Pack has everything you’ll need to get started with Penny. This gift pack is designed to make pushing plastic and chasing the good times easy. It comes with either a 22" or 27" 2015 Painted Fades board, or a 22" Fresh Prints board, and your choice of any Penny Pouch Backpack.

Shopping for someone who already owns a Penny? The Maintenance Pack has everything you could ever need to keep a Penny board looking and riding like new. With a selection of wheel sets to choose from and new bearings designed to maintain your Penny, this gift pack is perfect for those on a budget. For the sidewalk surfers, check out the Longboard gift pack. Whether you want to lap up the sunshine and cruise to the beach, zip through town with friends, or escape and feel a crisp breeze against your face, the new Penny plastic longboard will get you there.