Glow Series

Glow Series

Skating your Penny doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! The re-engineered and redesigned Glow in the Dark Penny skateboards are back and better than ever. You can choose a glow Penny or Nickel in blue, green, or purple. Not to mention, they come with all new matching glow in the dark wheels.

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Chase sunshine and good times.

The Glow in the Dark Hoverboard has long been a staple of Penny, and we’ve continued its legacy by redesigning it and offering more options. Introducing the Penny Glow Series! During the day, you’ll be riding a high-quality white/clear Penny, but after you let it absorb some natural light and the sun goes down, it’ll be glowing like never before! Available in three colors; the Glacial Glow (blue), Gamma Glow (green), and Galactic Glow (purple). Get your Glow Series board today in either the 22” Penny or the 27” Nickel and make a statement!
One of the coolest features of browsing here at is our 3D customizer! If you see something you like, but want to put your own personal twist on the colors of your set up, head on over where you can customize everything from the deck, wheels, trucks, bolts, and we’ll even include a panel sticker and griptape!