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Penny Limited Edition Skateboards

These are the rare unicorns. Sometimes Penny teams up with cool people to deliver fresh collabs for limited release. Production is based on demand, so if you see something you like, you’d better get in quick. One of our designs was developed with Christian Hosoi to commemorate 30 years of professional skateboarding and his tireless work in the industry. Grab yourself a collector’s item today.

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penny limited edition.

one-of-a-kind collaborations.

Penny board styles
Each year we partner with multiple brands, individuals, and organizations to collaborate on awesome new Penny Skateboards. Over the past few years we’ve collaborated with Art of Board, Ethiopia Skate, Bro Style, skateboarding legend- Christian Hosoi, and Rastaclat. Here are a few of our most recent Limited Edition Penny Collaborations.

One of the coolest up and coming lifestyle brands, Rastaclat, paired up perfectly with what Penny is all about. The 22” splatter graphic Penny along with the matching Rastaclat bracelet was one of our bestsellers.

Penny for a Purpose
We created two unique 22” and 27” Ethiopia Penny Skateboards to support Ethiopia Skate, a non-profit dedicated to spreading the joys of skateboarding to the under-served youth of Ethiopia. The rad boards with African inspired graphics, courtesy of artist BB Bastidas, helped Ethiopia Skate create the first public skatepark in Ethiopia.