Penny Skateboard Cushions

Our bushing formula is a key element of Penny’s signature relaxed ride. Upgrade yours today and cruise onto your next adventure.

Bearings and Bushings
Two of the most important parts of a skateboard that are commonly overlooked are the bearings and bushings. If the bushings are too hard, it makes the board super hard to turn, but if the bushings are too soft, the board is hard to control and you can potentially get wheel bite (when the board tilts too far and rubs against the wheels when turning). Penny has tested these for years and found the perfect durometer (hardness) for the 22” and 27” Penny boards. Solid bearings will keep you rolling smooth for days! Penny's Abec 7 bearings are rigorously tested and are a perfect match for a plastic mini cruiser like Penny.
Trucks and Wheels
Solid colors, transparent colors, plasma colors… With dozens of wheel colors available, you can swap out your wheels to create a Penny board with endless colorway possibilities. You can also update your trucks to make your board a little flashier!
Sometimes epic #PennyAdventures are right down the street, sometimes they're thousands of miles away. Strap your Penny on the back of a Penny backpack and make some memories! Pair your Penny with some awesome swag; t-shirts, hats, and stickers.