Penny 22

Penny 22" Decks

Want a board that’s fun, built for performance, and that you can take with your anywhere? Try Penny’s 22” original skateboard.

These handy boards are your go-to option when you need a cruiser that is fun, light weight and easy to take with you wherever you’re going. Just as comfortable cruising the streets as it is bombing hills, the Penny 22” is a great for those who want a durable, versatile skateboard that stands out from the crowd.

Penny boards are known for their unique design, bright colors, and fun experience while cruising down the street. If you love to control your board down to the inch, the Penny 22” skateboards provide that feel from the moment you start pushing.

When it comes to decks, there’s an endless array of colors and patterns to choose from, allowing you to choose a board that reflects your personality down to a T. Whether you’re a solid color type person or want something crazy and unique, Penny Skateboards have a wide range of options that fit every personality and style.

These original boards are what kick-started Penny as brand – and to this day they are still a best-seller. All Penny decks feature that secret plastic formula we all know and love; nothing rides better. These decks come as a complete setup, or in the Penny customizer ready to add trucks, wheels and grip tape, allowing you to customize your board to suit your style.

Looking for the most fun you’ll ever have on a skateboard? The original Penny skateboard 22” is your go-to deck.