Triple 8 Protective Gear

Triple 8 helmets and protective gear are Now Available on, the Official Online Store of Penny Skateboards. Triple 8 has been one of the most trusted leaders in action sports protective gear for 20 years, manufacturing helmets, kneepads, elbowpads, wristguards, and much more. Penny Skateboards and Triple 8 have teamed up so that you can affordably and conveniently get a Penny board and protective gear all in one place,

Triple 8 Protective Gear

If you’re about to get a Penny board for yourself, a friend, or for a family member, it’s a great idea to consider some protective gear to go with it. Introducing, the newest gear you can get with at the Official Penny Skateboards Online Store, the Triple 8 Dual-Certified Brainsaver helmet and the Saver Series 3-Pack Box; which includes kneepads, elbowpads, and wristguards.

Having fun skating and doing so safely doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Triple 8 helmets & protective gear are designed to ultimately provide as much protection as possible while also providing a stylish and comfortable fit. Whether you’re first learning or have been skating for years, it makes a world of difference to have the ability to bounce right back up and try again.

Triple 8 Protective Gear
The Dual Certified Brainsaver with EPS liner is available in 4 different colors; Gun Matte, Black, White, and Blue. Slap a Penny sticker on your helmet along with some from your other favorite brands and you’re set to go!

Penny X Triple 8 Bundles

Now you can ride your Penny board safely without breaking the bank. When you bundle a Penny or Nickel with Triple 8 protective gear you’ll Save 25% off the protective gear! Here’s a quick and easy way to save...

Start by picking out any Penny or Nickel that fits your personality; whether it be a Customized Penny or one of our pre-assembled boards. Simply add it to the cart and continue to then pick out a Triple 8 helmet according to the color and size that fits you. Finally, you have the option to round it out with the Triple 8 Saver series pads.
Simply add ALL the items to the cart and we’ll deduct the discount automatically!

Penny X Triple 8 Bundle

  • Add any Penny & Helmet to your cart. Just like that, you’ll be saving 25% off the helmet because you bundled.
Triple 8 Bundle

Deluxe Penny X Triple 8 Bundle

  • Add any Penny, Helmet, & Saver Series Pack. You’ll save 25% off ALL the protective gear.
Triple 8 Deluxe Bundle

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