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Galaxy 27" Griptape

Galaxy 27" Griptape


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Cruise along the Galaxy with this new and improved grip tape for your 27" Penny Skateboard. With grip for your soles and extra stick for your board, the Galaxy grip tape is a must-have hardware item for those who admire the stars. Bring the beauty of the night sky and beyond to the pavement, as you carve corners with ease. This grip tape will give some added security to your stance. Apply to a clean, dry, 22" Penny deck by removing the backing, lining it up with the circle in the middle and pushing down firmly. Or get a little creative using the lines marked on the backing tape create your own grip tape shapes by cutting with scissors and applying as you desire. Penny grip tape is ideal for skaters who really like their board stuck to their feet. It's a good all rounder & it has enough tough grit to keep you in place, but is also gentle enough for bare foot runs down to the beach.