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Hive 27" Griptape

Hive 27" Griptape


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Just like a colourful beehive, the 27" Hive Griptape in shades of black, red and yellow will have you buzzing around like a bee with honey on it's feet! It's easy to get that grippy feeling under your feet when you ride - take your Penny skateboard deck, and apply a griptape quickly for a new look and feel. The perfect cut for a 27" Penny deck, you don't need to worry about it not matching up. We've also included cut outs so you can access the fun bots of the board, your bolts and well-known Penny Skateboards logo. Grip it, rip it or get creative - you can cut this grip tape up and mix it with any of our other coloured griptapes or place it on top of one of our patterned board options if you like things a little eclectic. We have now upgraded to a super sticky adhesive that will stick to your deck for longer. Application is really simple - just peel, stick then skate.