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Hive 27" Panel Sticker

Hive 27" Panel Sticker


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Just like a colourful beehive, the 27" Panel Stickers in shades of black, red and yellow will have you buzzing around on your Penny Skateboard with great style. Die cut to be the exact fit for your 27" Penny Skateboard, these Penny panel stickers are easy to apply, and will make your board look great with a quick and easy application. If you like to get creative you can mix and match with the other colourful panel stickers we have available. Then all you have to do is simply swap your stickers when you're ready for a change or need a quick board update. Not just for your Penny Skateboard, these stickers can be placed on anything you like - folders, books, pencil cases etc. Take your Hive design Panel Stickers and wear them on your Penny with pride!