Penny Fades
Penny Skateboards - New Ranges #pennymoments

Fades Series 2014

Our new hand painted Fades series were inspired by surfboard art and by the creative mind of one of our passionate Penny followers. Combining the best of both Penny worlds - fabulous colours and the beach lifestyle that underpins our brand essence – the Fade series offer a unique addition to the current stable of colour options.

Each hand painted board across the collection mixes three perfectly complementary colour combinations in an ombre effect that fades across the board. Pastel Fade combines sugary shades and candy coloured hues; Soda Fade combines a deep mauve with a chilly pale blue seeping into snow white; Fluro Fade is bright and loud chopping up tones of electric green, bright magenta and deep sky blue, whilst Rasta Fade combines polarising solids - red, yellow and green, drawing it’s inspiration from eclectic, urban Rastafarian fashion.

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