Glow 36" Longboard

The Glow 36" Longboard V1 was an incredibly innovative and fun skateboard, but Penny has taken it to the next level! Make sure to check out the new Penny 36" Longboard V2 which is re-engineered to be lighter, have more flex, be closer to the ground, and in general be way more fun! The first ever Penny Longboard has arrived. Escape the daily grind day or night with the Glow in the Dark 36" Penny Longboard V1. No matter where you're headed, #escapethere and #skatethere on the new Glow in the dark Penny Longboard. We've reformulated our secret plastic formula for added strength and flex control to give you the ultimate skating experience day or night. #escapethere #skatethere. The Glow Penny plastic Longboard skateboard features an off-white coloured deck that glows in the dark when charged with UV light. A waffle top non-slip 36" deck with an additional layer of granular textural grip will keep you in control, while the all black components will make your ride look as tough as it feels. Black powder-coated reverse kingpin trucks with matching black deck bolts, 69mm black 83A wheels, cushions and premium Abec 9 v-channel bearings. With the 36" Glow Longboard you'll have a stable, smooth, fast ride with great response.
The 27" Tinted Mint board is the perfect combination of frothy seafoam and blue shades. Each Penny skateboard is made of high-quality materials and is exactly what you'd expect " a great skate with a classic waffled deck, in the most refreshing shade of mint! This set up will turn heads in every direction. With this vibrant color you're destined to stand out in the crowed. Wheels and Bearings The 27" Tinted Mint Board is equipped with 59mm 83A polyurethane seafoam green wheels that are perfect for bombing hills... or learning how to! The quality of Penny keeps the stoke high and wheels spinning much longer than any other option out on the market. Trucks and Cushions The black trucks perfectly balance the vibe of this board making it in demand for a girl skateboarder, or boy skateboarder. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny trucks keeps your ride light and strong. Bolts The 27" Tinted Mint features seafoam coloured high tensile deck bolts complementing the wheels on this board.

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