Build Your Custom Penny

With our revolutionary 3D Customizer, it has never been easier to build a one-of-a-kind Penny Skateboard. Walk through these easy steps, and choose from thousands of color combinations until you find the mix that is uniquely you. You design it, we build it and ship it straight to your door. It’s that simple.

1. Choose model

2. Choose deck color

3. Choose wheel color

4. Choose hanger color

5. Choose base plate color

6. Choose bolt color

7. Choose panel sticker

8. Choose grip

Get Started!

Helpful Tips

Some people struggle picking the size Penny they want, but for most people you can’t go wrong, no matter the decision. Both sizes can be enjoyed by skateboarders of all sizes, age, or experience level. The 22” skateboard is small and nimble under your feet- great for smaller first time skateboarders, or those looking for a unique ride on a mini cruiser. The 27” is closer to the size of a traditional cruiser skateboard and offers a little more stability and control when riding. Perfect for cruising the streets! All 22” and 27” come with high-quality Penny components and are hand assembled, made to order.

Get creative with your customization! You can choose a color for the entire set for wheels, trucks and bolts or you can go one by one and mix and match different colors for each individual component.

Most of our pre-assembled complete Penny skateboards don’t come with griptape and is sold separately. By customizing a Penny, we include the griptape and panel sticker with your board. Because of the waffled style deck surface, the griptape isn’t required, but it can add a little extra tackiness for your feet or you can use it to brighten up your Penny creation!

If you’re creating a Custom Penny, but someone else is buying it, finish customizing it and click the “Finish” button at the top right. From there you can share your Custom Penny by Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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