Penny Pendletons
Pendleton series

Limited Edition Pendleton Series

Together with Don Pendleton, we’ve transformed the original Penny skateboard into a work of art. Don’s passion for skateboarding and unique approach to art, colour and shape, has brought colour and life to skateboards for years, and we’re thrilled to partner with him to give you the Penny Limited Edition Pendleton range for 2014/15.

Within the series you’ll find four unique Pendleton cubist designs in different colours. The Penny 22” Pendleton is available in a range of three shades, with complementing grip tape signed by Don himself.

More exclusively, the Penny 27” Pendleton skateboard is available in one colour and limited to 500 boards globally – so if you want more Pendleton plastic under your feet you’d better get in quick!

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Who is Don Pendleton?

Find out more about creator, artist and skateboarder Don Pendleton.

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