Penny for a Purpose

Penny has always recognized the importance of supporting the youth of the world and giving back to those in need. We have supported many different organizations through the years whether it be local schools raising money to help make education affordable for all their students, supporting organizations dedicated to recycling worn out boards or providing skateboards for camps servicing at-risk kids in urban environments.

As part of our continued focus on giving back to the skate community, Penny has created "Penny For A Purpose". The goal? To partner with global non-profits and iconic artists to bring awareness to the communities they impact, practically support projects they run and encourage hope through skateboarding with young people all over the world.

Our initial "Penny For A Purpose" project has us teamed up with Ethiopia Skate and Californian artist BB Bastidas. The result of this collaboration are two unique Penny completes that not only look amazing and ride great, but more importantly help support young kids in need.

Ethiopia Blog Recap

Ethiopia Skate X BB 22"


Ethiopia Skate X BB 27"


Ethiopia Skate

Ethiopia Skate

Ethiopia Skate was founded by skateboarders for skateboarders. With a vision to bring young people from all backgrounds together and provide access to skateboarding equipment and free skateboard facilities, they ensure the youth from the communities in Ethiopia have the means to education and healthy living. Ethiopia Skate uses skateboarding as a means of building confidence, encouraging individual creativity and building a community that support the young people of Ethiopia.

BB Bastidas

BB Bastidas

BB Bastidas is inspired by his love for the unsolved mysteries of the world as many will see in his art. He is a muralist, graphic designer and fine artist. BB has host solo exhibitions in Paris, Bordeaux, Melbourne, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and London. He has also been designing art in skateboarding for over 8 years.

Please join us in supporting efforts to give back to communities through the joy of skateboarding. This is Penny For A Purpose.

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