Penny Longboard V2

Penny is reintroducing its new and improved 36” Longboard in 3 updated colorways. Since its launch, Penny has been continually working on this design and improving this board based on market and customer feedback. The re-engineered model is available now with significant upgrades!

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Penny Longboard v2


Our deck construction (Secret Penny Formula) has been re-engineered to now provide greater flex and reduced weight. This means extra responsive turning, more organic flex through corners and maneuvers, as well as significant stability enhancements at higher speeds. This re-engineered flex, paired with the camber through the length of the deck provides the rider with more leverage through turns for carving and also means the rider platform is the same height of the trucks allowing greater control for the rider.


A snug pocket has been created in the deck so that the baseplate mounts flush with the deck. Lowering the height of the board, it increases the stability by giving the rider a lower center of gravity. Pushing and foot braking are now easier and at higher speeds, this carefully engineered change gives a Penny Longboard rider greater stability and control.


The double conical 83A durometer wheel has been reduced in size by 3mm to 66mm, providing greater acceleration without compromising top speed. Wheel bite is avoided and the riding surface 
is almost unchanged.

Available in Burgundy, Blackout, or Seafoam (turquoise).

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