Penny X Rastaclat Collaboration

Collaborating on our mutual passion for skateboarding, style, and Spreading Positive Vibrations, we are excited to team up with Rastaclat on a new, limited edition board and braided bracelet capsule. This collab is a true partnership of like-minded brands, teaming up to spread our love of skateboarding.
Penny X Rastaclat
Rastaclat was founded by skateboarder Daniel Kasidi with the belief that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings. Like Penny, the Rastaclat movement is all about spreading positive vibes. Rastaclat’s unique braided bracelets are distributed worldwide and are a symbol of righteousness and doing good for yourself and others. This concept is near and dear to Penny as a brand founded to spread fun through skating.
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