Size Guide

Which size is best for you?

Penny Skateboards come in five different sizes. The Original 22" Skateboard, the slightly larger 27” Skateboard, the 29" Surfskate, the 32" Skateboard, and the 36" Longboard. Regardless of their size, all models are great for different skating styles.

Quick, nimble, portable

22" Skateboard

The Original Penny Board. The 22” Penny is a great size for skaters looking for easy transportation and small enough to fit into a backpack for travel. It’s also great for those younger riders who are on the smaller side.

Ultra portable & lightweight
Sharp & zippy ride
Great to commute around town or college
Less stable than our 27" skateboard
Great for smaller riders

Our most popular size

27" Skateboard

The 27” is the ultimate all round skateboard. This board boasts the same great features as the 22” however its larger deck is great for perfecting new skate tricks or beginners looking for a little more stability.

More board under your feet
Very stable, fast & smooth ride
Great over long distances & hills
Better for beginners
Easy to balance & make turns

Surfing on the streets

29" Surfskate

Designed for the flat-day fun, the 29" Surfskate replicates the feeling of surfing the streets. This board is developed for skills progression, tight carves and pumping you’d normally get on a surfboard.

Replicates the feeling of surfing the streets
Utilizing Warterborne patented truck technology
Ultimate for carving, turning & pumping
W-Concave deck for perfect foot placement
Lighter & stronger than timber surfskates
Great for surfers or aspiring surfers

A board for extra tricks

32" Skateboard

Our 32" cruiser is our most versatile board to date. The stiff nose and tail allow you to pop up curbs, grind a ledge, film your friends or just cruise the streets. With a shape and size modeled after the cruiser boards of decades past.

Hybrid double-kick cruiser
Added to the mix for extra tricks
Great to get around town or street skating
Hybrid wheels for a smooth and fast ride
Built with our secret plastic and fiberglass formula

A cruiser's dream

36" Longboard

The Penny 36" Longboard is a cruiser’s dream. The classic, relaxed ride of your favorite Penny is now available in our longest board yet.

Perfect for cruising, traveling and downhill rides
Comfortable & easy to manoeuvre
Super stable ride for long rides
Ultimate beginner board